Sex: Why Foreplay Matters

Sex: Why Foreplay Matters

Is foreplay needed before every sexual encounter? This is one question that many people usually ask as they look for various ways of boosting their sexual lives. Foreplay is essential before every sexual encounter, especially with the ladies. Ladies, unlike the men, take time to be sexually aroused.

In fact, one of the most common analogies that are used to describe women is that they are charcoal burners, whereas the men are gas cookers. If you want your woman to enjoy sex then make sure that you have quality foreplay before intercourse. We highlight some of the things that you probably did not know about foreplay.


couple walking down the streetOne of the common mistakes that many people make is forgoing foreplay and heading to intercourse directly. You ought to think about foreplay as an appetizer when you are hungry. When you are hungry, you do not immediately start eating the first food, but you begin with the appetizers.

When you head to having intercourse instead of first having foreplay you are setting yourself up for failure. You need to understand that your woman needs to be wet enough before the actual penetration. The vagina produces some fluids that help in the lubrication of the same.

Sexual Satisfaction

As a man, one of your primary goals, when you are with a woman, is giving her maximum sexual satisfaction. It is essential to point out that foreplay and sexual satisfaction go hand-in-hand. If you want your woman to enjoy sex, then you have to invest in quality foreplay. Before you get to sexual intercourse, kiss your woman, cuddle, and embrace her. Say some sweet as well as some nasty things to her. This is likely to arouse her which will lead to sexual satisfaction.


One of the things that many people do not understand is that sensuality is the secret to excellent foreplay. Actions, like holding hands, caressing your woman’s hair, holding one another close, and putting your heads together, are some attributes of great foreplay. Sensuality will help you in building sexual arousal and tension which is critical in ensuring that you enjoy the sex.

Keep doing it

couple getting ready for sexForeplay should not just be done before sex, but also during and after sex. You should not rush into intercourse after caressing, but you should take the time to enjoy the sensuality as well.

Foreplay is typically referred to as the longest part of the sexual intercourse. What you need to understand that sex is not about the number of rounds that you will subject your partner to but the orgasm that she will reach.