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Erotic Stories and Why They’re For You

When hearing the word erotic novels, the thought that comes to your mind is probably a woman being tied up by a dominating man before any intercourse that they’re going to have. You’re not entirely wrong, even though the world of erotic novels are much more than that. But should you be reading erotica? And do they benefit you in any way? Whether you’re a man or a woman, we’re here to help as we’ve compiled some reasons on why reading erotica could be the one for you. Do read more before you start browsing on the internet or buy one on the nearest bookstore.

Unlimited Imagination

reading storiesMost porn is filled with cliche plots, such as a woman who couldn’t play for the plumbing services, so what does she offer? Her body, which is sexy but it can be very dull when there are tons of videos like that on the internet. However, erotica doesn’t face this problem as you can read on whatever plot you like.

Mood Booster

For some people after a rough day, they can unwind by having sex, or perhaps by going out to party. If you’re anti-social and a bookworm, then what better way to rest at your home with an erotica or a tablet filled with e-books to end your night? They make sure that your libido is still there and also keeping your creative brain in check.

Aphrodisiac Alternative

pillsThinking to take a viagra or aphrodisiac to spice up your sex life? Instead of relying on medications, reading erotica stories can increase your libido naturally instead of using those pills. Accompanied by wine, you got yourself a starter kit before you enjoy sensual foreplay, be it with yourself or with your partner.

Easier to Hide

It would be hard to hide your stash of porn videos somewhere else, and someone might catch you watching it. If you want to avoid being judged just because you want to enjoy some ‘me time,’ reading erotica has never been a better option to do so. A tip from us is to cover the book with another paper, for example, a wrapping paper so that people can’t see the cover. If someone tries to peek, just close the book, put it in your bag and pretend as if nothing happens.…