How to Sterilize Your Sex Toys

How to Sterilize Your Sex Toys

To avoid having a bad time and suffering from health problems, it is essential to know how to correctly sterilize sex toys. This will allow you to use them safely and enjoy your privacy without any issues.

You should understand that the lack of hygiene of a sex toy carries a high risk of contracting an infection. Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to run them under water or wipe them with a towel. Here are ideal ways to sterilize your sex toys.

Wash the Toy With Soap or Boil It

As a general rule, youclean sex toy should wash the toy before and after each use, especially if you have shared it or are going to do so. Do not forget the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. If you use soap, avoid those that are scented or have other additives. The ideal is to use as neutral as possible.

Or better yet, a specific soap for intimate areas is the most gentle and respectful and does not irritate the genital area. For added safety, you can also boil the toy for a few minutes as long as it does not have a motor, and the material is, for example, stainless steel or silicone.

Clean Leather Objects With Alcohol

Leather clothing and accessories have become common for sex practices like bondage and BDSM. They require proper disinfection to keep them free from different types of contaminants. For deeper disinfection, you can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol, a simple, economical, and ecological option. There are also specific products for this type of material.

Washing Sex Toys With Motor

In order not to damage toys with a motor, you must be particularly careful. You can wash them under the tap without submerging them and avoiding wetting the areas near the engine. You can also use a damp cloth.


On the other hand, to sterilize motor sex toys, specific products are on sale in sex shops. There are several types and several formats. Likewise, you will find them in the form of a spray, liquid, wet wipes, etc. These are antibacterial products suitable for the intimate area.

What to Do After Sterilization

Finally, remember that you need to make sure you dry them well once you’ve washed them. It is also a good idea to keep them in a case or in a cloth bag to protect them from all kinds of bacteria. This way, will they remain adequately sterilized.

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